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Estimates & Insurance


We can supply you with a written estimate that will include as much detail as possible including body and paint labor, parts, and paint and materials prices.  Our estimating process involves a thorough inspection of your vehicle.  We'll look it over and under and all around, inspecting each and every panel and part.
We'll spend as much time as necessary to research and locate replacement parts.  We try to be as thorough and as accurate as possible when writing estimates.  We don't "shoot from the hip" and we don't low-ball our estimates.  We want you to know, right up front, what it will take to repair or restore your classic car or build your custom street rod.
As the estimating process can be quite time-consuming, please call for an appointment.

No job is too big or too small for us! 

Insurance Claims

Don't be taken advantage of!  We can help you settle a damage or total loss claim with your insurance company, or someone else's if you're a claimant.  Suburban Rod & Custom, formerly known as Suburban Body Shop, has over 50 years experience in dealing with insurance claims for damage and total loss.  We advocate for our customers, NOT the insurance companies. 
We know how to navigate the claims process and negotiate with adjusters to ensure that your vehicle will be repaired properly, completely, and in a timely manner.  We can submit photos and estimates in a format that is accepted by insurance companies.  We can also help determine your vehicle's pre-loss value if it hasn't been previously appraised.  See "Our Advice on Insuring Your Vehicle" below and our "Appraisal Service" information on our "Services" page.    

Our Advice on Insuring Your Vehicle

You should be extremely cautious when choosing an insurance policy for your classic or street rod.  Make sure that you are truly buying an "agreed value" policy based on the appraisal you submit to your insurance company.  Most insurance companies will sell you a policy for your vehicle, or add it to your existing policy, BUT, read the fine print carefully!
In the event of a collision or comprehensive claim, will your insurance company pay the labor rates charged by a restoration/street rod shop?  Will they only pay the lower "industry-standard" collision rate, forcing you to have your car repaired at a typical auto body repair shop?  Will they require you to pay the difference between collision rate and restoration/street rod rate?  Ask your agent to point out where the policy addresses this issue and be certain that it is very clearly stated.
In the event of a total loss claim due to collision, fire, theft, etc., how will your insurance company determine your vehicle's value?  Will they pay you the "agreed value" that they based your premiums on?  Or, will they try (after the fact) to determine a value?  Ask your agent to point out where the policy addresses this issue and be certain that it is very clearly stated.
We frequently receive calls from insurance claims adjusters asking for our help in determining the value of their insured's vehicles. This indicates that they've taken premiums from their customer without pre-determining the vehicle’s value.  Most people don't understand that they haven’t really insured their vehicle for an "agreed value".  Following is an excerpt from one insurance company’s “Restricted Use Endorsement” form:

Premium Determination Amount $___________
(This amount is used to determine the premium amount only. It will not determine the value of the vehicle for purposes of loss adjustment.)

Fortunately, there are several insurance companies that sell policies designed expressly for antiques, classics, collectibles and street rods.  A little bit of research time is well spent to ensure that your vehicle is protected as it should be.  Don’t rely solely on your agent to advise you – he may not completely understand the limits of the policy that he’s selling you.  Do your homework!  And, see our "Services" page for information on our appraisal service.

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